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Friday, March 23, 2018


I took a equinox sunrise photo on the 21st.  I guess Spring always feel like the "new" year to me.  I was born on March 27th.  So, for me, the new year starts in the Spring.

Spring Equinox sunrise in Williford, AR

My nephew and his wife also greeted their first child right after the equinox. River Rose Davis wasn't supposed to greet the world until May.  But mom Jenny had a serious blood pressure issue.  The docs just couldn't get her blood pressure  under control.  This was stressing the baby.  So, the decision was made to bring River into the world.  She joined the family on 3/22. A real Spring surprise,this one.
River with mom Jenny

Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 15th

We're spending these mid-winter days watching YouTube... John really hasn't been feeling well.  His tremors never stop & he has a migraine almost every day.  Not good.

I try to keep him comfortable.  He doesn't eat much at meals.  He would rather eat sweets.  At least he eats something.  He drinks 2 - 3 "breakfast" drinks a day.  They have soy in them, but he seems to tolerate them well.

I had a brief stomach "flu" last week.  Chills, headache & vomited.  Thankfully, it only lasted 2 days.

I've finally finished the double knit vest I started last March.  Notice that the vest is reversible. One side of the vest is striped, with grey designs.  The other is grey with multi-colored designs.  This vest was quite a challenge.  I had to restart the work 5 times before I had the stitches cast on in the correct order.  Each row required my complete attention.
Double knit wool vest

John complained several times that my knitting was keeping me from paying attention to him when he spoke to me.  Truthfully, his voice is now so soft that I can not understand him with the TV on.  His speech is slurred. Hard to understand.  Josh has the same issue.  I know this is very frustrating for John. 

I also finished a finger woven sash for our friend Lloyd Lindley.  He was very happy with it.

This wool sash is about 7 feet long.  I'm pleased with the finished product.  It two ends match very well. 

Last Thursday (2/8) we had several ladies over.  Just to chat & knit.  I spun for about an hour.  We had a nice potluck lunch.  Barbara Skiles brought a surprise for me from her sister Betty Relph.  These little corn husk dolls!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

It's 5:00 AM on Christmas morning.  I woke up at 3:00... I guess when you fall asleep in your chair at 7:00 PM. waking at 3:00 gave me 8 hours sleep.  I'm turning into an early morning elder...

This has been an interesting year.  Thankfully.  No surgeries this year.  No money crunches.  No car issues, house issues, pet emergencies... It's been a good year.

As I get older, I'm finding I "need" less.  And what I do need can't be bought.  Hugs.  Love. Smiles.  True friendship. Honesty & compassion.

We accomplished a lot this year, as I look back at it.  The garden didn't produce as well. But we did get some wonderful produce to eat.  Josh wants to leave the garden unplanted this coming year - work on building up the soil.

I didn't get into the "Christmas knitting" this year.  That was a relief, really. Some years I started focusing on gifts in October & finished in February.  That's a long Christmas.  This year, I made several batches of hats to send off, and now I'm working on a blanket for friend Lloyd.

We don't decorate for Christmas.  We're just not into it. 

I baked fruit cake, gave some away.  Lloyd & his brother brought over a pecan pie last night.  Looking forward to having some.  Josh & I processed some venison & made brats.  YUMMY.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hobbit House update

The interior is done!  Well, mostly done.  The solar system still needs to be installed....

Anyway, here's a quick video walk through.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cool nights, Autumn is here.

Once again, I find myself lacking anything to blog about... Summer is gone.  Three months have passed since I wrote anything.

Life here on Big Rock Farm has been rather uneventful.  Summer was warm.  We had a hot spell, then a wet spell, now a warm & dry spell.  We got enough rain that our rain barrel was never empty.  That's a first, I think.

Joshua & John went fishing one day & caught 3 brim to put in our "pond".  We did our part, and raised 2 different breeds of tadpoles.  Ariel always likes playing with them.

Work on the Hobbit House was rather slow.... but the door & window are in.  The entire exterior has been coated with Hydro-Ban (water proofing), I finished the painting with the main colors.  I still have some faux painting to do and some stenciling.  And I need to lay the tile floor.

The "parlor"or main area in the Hobbit House

Walking up to the front door

The door & window.
Mandala on a triangular shawl
 I did a bit of silk painting & dyeing this summer.  I'm happy with the results.

Sun painting silk scarves & shawls
Luna Moth silk shawl

My friends Gena Stout & Dee Blansett & I had a booth at a local craft sale. I sold most of my hand dyed yarns (mostly to Dee).  Here's a picture of our space.
Add caption

Health wise, I've been plagued by a chronic sinus infection.  Annoying!  John's still having trouble sleeping.  I think I've joined him in that.  Most mornings I wake between 3 & 5 o'clock.  Today I woke up at 2:00.

Earlier, in May, I hatched out 10 Black Copper Maran chicks.  As they grew up, I discovered we had 8 new roosters. Great!  I advertised them for free on Facebook & Craig's list.  Seven of them were gone within 2 hours.  I kept 1 young rooster & 2 hens.  I named the Prince, Mini & Betty.  Our bantam hens sat on eggs all summer, but didn't hatch out even a single chick.  Our adult Copper Maran rooster is named Elvis (because he "sings" from 3 AM to 10 PM), and his ladies are Ginger (RIR/Copper Maran cross), Mary Ann, & Mahogany.

This year's chicks
I knitted a wrap for my niece Kendra Kittle.  It came out pretty well.  Ariel was working on a project with the same pattern.  I'm not sure it will ever get finished.

Starting Point knit along project
Now I'm crocheting ponchos for my great nieces.
"Virus" poncho for Nevaeh

Poncho for Revan
The Hardy Homesteader's quilting project was completed.  I think it came out well.  We will be giving it away on October 7th.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer has turned hot

Time marches on, and here it is - the HOT season.  The mercury hasn't fallen below 70 for almost a week.  Daytime temperatures are in the high 90's.  Thankfully, we had a lot of rain earlier in July, so the plants aren't baked dry yet.  But we'll have to start watering our sad little garden soon.  We are getting tomatoes & cucumbers (and eggs, of course), the zucchini and squash are growing.  But the weeds have taken control.  Josh took the weed wacker to the garden, trying to at least get some illusion of control.

Last year, I put newspaper and wood chips around each plant.  That worked fairly well.  This year we didn't have a large pile of wood chips, so I just used newspaper.  That did NOT work.  The weeds grew right through.  Oh well, at least the plants we want are growing too.

Joshua & I took grandchild Ariel back to Ellijay, GA.  We visited for a week & returned home this past Monday (7/17).  We had doctors appointments on Wednesday & VA Dental yesterday.  Today, I can finally get back to work on the Hobbit House.

We went to a few interesting place while in Georgia.  Here's so pictures of Amicolola Falls.

And we visited an interesting farm store.

Lastly, I'd like to send a big Thank You to the Poplar Bluff VAMC.  The Dental Clinic staff helped me out yesterday & arranged for all my dental needs to be resolved in 1 day!  Amazing!  Thank you so much!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Early morning ramblings...

Quite often, I find myself wide awake at 3:00 AM.  Why?  Sometimes it's because I fell asleep in my big, cozy chair at 7:30 PM.  When I snore myself awake, I go to bed.  But I usually wake up very early the following morning.  Like this morning.

My grand daughter is still asleep, so I'm trying to be quiet.  She normally can sleep through anything.

I could blame my crazy sleep cycle on my back pain.  Or on my Parkinson's.  But the truth is, I've sleep like this since I was a teenager.  Back then, I used to get dressed & go out an sky watch. I love looking at the stars, the moon, satellites passing overhead.  I enjoy listening to the birds and other night sounds.

When the moon is full, you can see the bats flying.  Watch the lightening bugs.  Listen to the roosters crowing.  The dogs barking.

I don't go out sky watching as often these days.  My home life is calm & cozy, so I don't feel compelled to "escape" to the outdoors.

I like to read, and often my wakeful early mornings are filled with reading.  I'm more prone to watching YouTube nowadays.   I like to find interviews or other videos of people investigating ancient mysterious ruins or sites of megalithic construction. Sites from antiquity that have been covered in mud for thousands of years. Artifacts that are obviously made with high tech tools that are thousands of years old (or millions). Those things that just do NOT fit with the versions of history we learn in school or on the multitude of "scientific" programs on TV.

I've read Velikovski's books.  I think he was correct about ancient planetary collisions.  I've read many, many books about past cataclysms. Sahara green glass, vitrified rock forts, radioactive ancient cities buried in mud, giants, Baghdad batteries, crystal skulls, Fortean artifacts, Rock Wall Texas, the Mahabharata and other Hindu scriptures, the Old Testiment of the Bible, ruins on the Moon & Mars, sacred geometry,  genetic studies of animals and people, star maps, ancient Earth maps (like those studied by Charles Hapgood), the many pyramids all over the globe, cave paintings, ancient legends, other religions (I was raised Methodist), spiritualism, hauntings, UFO's.  All these subjects interest me.  My ex-husband called it my "weird shit".

I believe that truth is strange than fiction.  I believe we have stories of gods who flew through space because they DID fly through space. I think we went to the moon LONG before the Apollo missions (think 12,000 or more years ago).

I have always felt that something terrible happened to our planet at the end of the Ice Age. Horrible, deadly & destructive.  And there is now scientific proof that the North American continent (and other sites around the world) were destroyed by a comet hitting the ice shelf.  Causing instantenous melting & horrible floods.  Destroying everything with a huge increase in sea level (abut 400 feet). Flash freezing and burying the mammoths and other animals under feet of mud.

And these are the things I think about at 4:00 AM.  What was that civilization like?  How high tech were they? How far did their influence (or lack of) extend?  Do we have long-lost cousins out there in the cosmos?  Do they ever return?